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Pictured Left to Right 

Mike Veum - IEWC CEO

Bonnie Blair - DASH Founder, 5x Olympic Gold Medalist

Blair Cruikshank - DASH High-Performance Team Member

Matt Salm - Member of DASH High-Performance Team & IEWC Employment Opportunities for Aspiring Skaters Program

IEWC Most Improved Skaters Of The Year

The IEWC Most Improved Skater Of The Year award goes back to the roots of our partnership.


1) Investment In The Next Generation

2) Exceptional People

3) Work Ethic Wins

4) Consistency Over Time 

Winners of this award have shown up, worked hard, picked themselves up after every fall, been coachable, improved greatly, and earned this recognition.

Thank you IEWC for your support, helping us reinforce invaluable life lessons, and believing in, "GREAT PEOPLE working together to do GREAT THINGS!"

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