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Scott Drebes
Scholarship Fund

For The Love Of Speedskating


This scholarship fund was created to carry on Scott's legacy in life, speedskating, friendships, and the priceless life lessons taught through the sport he loved.

Scott's Scholarship Criteria:

  1. Sportsmanship: respect coaches, officials, opponents, teammates

  2. Commitment: toward practices, competitions and continued improvement

  3. Honesty: playing by the rules, even when no one is watching

  4. Attitude: positive & enthusiastic both on and off the ice 

  5. Work Ethic: finding the joy in working hard

  6. Perseverance: overcoming challenges, always getting back up

  7. Servant Leadership: leading by example, inspiring others through selfless dedication

Pic 1: Scott's Speedskating Hall of Fame


(Link to Scott's HoF Page)

Pic 3: Scott Skating - Pictured Front

(Link to Scott's National Speedskating Museum & Hall of Fame Page)

Scott Drebes - Impact On Others

Do you have a story about how Scott impacted your life? Please share it with us and his family by clicking the button below. 

Would you like to support the Scott Drebes Scholarship Fund to help carry on Scott's legacy and impact on others? Donate through the button below.

“Scott was my brother. He was the best brother a person could ever have and I loved him more than I loved anybody in this world. I miss him very much, the loss is deep, profound, and incalculable. Numerous, wonderful, and cherished memories of Scott are plentiful and can sustain all of us now and forever. Rest In Peace Scott."

- Love Ya Brother, Doug Drebes

“He was my idol, mentor and more importantly a close friend even given the distance. We always stayed in touch. Will miss our Mexican lunches. #RIP”

- Bonnie Blair Cruikshank

" Our friendship hit off on a high note and we never sang a sad tune. My heart is sad....Scott truly was the King of Cool."
- Peace Brother, Kevin Schwenk

“Youth Buddies. Watched his commitment, saw his discipline, felt his competitiveness & enjoyed his most pleasant demeanor. He was the best of a Class Act.”

- D.P.

“Although I only worked with Scott for less than a year, I have known Matt for many years now. Through Matt I got to know Scott and He was great! I always loved talking with him. Him and Rob in the office was like having a comic show every morning! Your positive attitude and great humor will be missed.”

- J.S.

“Seeing Scott's smile when he came into our office to see Patti, not only brighten her day but the entire staff as well. He will be greatly missed by all of us!”

- T.R.

“I only met Scott one time, but it was enough to leave a wonderful and lasting impression. He was clearly loved by all who knew him and will be dearly missed. May his memory forever be a blessing.”

- S.C.

"Watching Scott skate as I was growing up in Illinois, he became my idol. Just watching him skate, I knew I wanted to skate just like him."

- P.W.

“He was an awesome friend since our childhood. Still share numerous stories that shouldn’t be repeated but they’re too memorable not to. We’ll miss his smile and upbeat character that made me proud to call him my friend. Scotty, you were awesome!”

- D.A.

“He was a great inspiration!”

- C.L.

“Was a pleasure knowing him throughout many years.”

- W.B.

Share Your Story

“Scott was an amazing mentor, friend, coworker, boss. But he was best at being an awesome human. He was always a pleasure to be around. His smile could light up the room. He got me started in surveying and engineering and I wouldn’t be where I am today as a person without the years I got to spend with him while I was in Colorado. I’ll miss you Scott.”

- A.W.

“Our friendship hit off on a high note and we never sang a sad tune. My heart is sad....Scott truly was the King of Cool.”

- K.S.

“My family lived across the street. Scott was a great role model and friend to our girls. Always a smile and quick with a joke I’ll miss seeing him and his dog on the corner and watching his grandkids and my girls play together while he watched”

- K.M.

“Scott was always the life of the party. It was very inspiring to witness the love Scott and Patti shared. I know that Patti was the love of his life. My heart breaks for Patti and the boys. He will be greatly missed.

- Glen & Joy Gullette

“Scott and Patti were personal friends to Patty and Ron Elliott for over 42 years. He was fun to be with and a devoted and loyal friend. We love you and will miss your smile.”

“Scott was my next-door neighbor. Man when I tell you he was the coolest person I've met, he was.

Rest in peace. we'll miss you man.”

- R.M.

“Quiet, determined, witty, fun, competitive, loyal, giving, loving, fast. Will miss your spirit, my friend. TPK”

- T.P.K.

“Scott was a speed skating star of Champaign and a positive role model for all. We were neighbors and our moms were close friends. Scott took the time to visit my mom in her last days and I was very touched by that. He was a true champion. RIP”


Did Scott impact your life?
Please, share your story here.
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